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    Corrupt Audio Output/Settings


      Whenever I include audio in my composition, every time I want to do a RAM preview with audio enabled the rainbow spinning wheel pops up for a few seconds and I later get this error:



      When I go to the Audio Hardware preferences, the Default Device is set to "Built-In Output". I changed it to "Built-In Input/Built-In Output" and managed to get a working RAM preview with sound once, but after I tried another time I got the same mistake. I kept digging around trying to find a reason as to why this is happening, and it turns out if I open the Audio MIDI Setup I find the following:



      For some odd reason, whenever I switch out of After Effects, both the inputs and outputs get automatically disabled. Whenever I enable them and go back to the program I still get the same error. So I go back to Audio MIDI Setup and find them disabled again.


      I tried creating an aggregate device on the Audio MIDI Setup program with both inputs and outputs enabled, then I went to AE to assign it instead of Built-In Output and I'm still getting the same error. On one try, after getting the error again, I went back to the preferences and found the Default Device had been set back to Built-In Output by itself. On the second try I got the error but the Default Device was still set to the aggregate device I had created (which never disabled any of its inputs/outputs by itself, no matter what I did).


      My OS is OSX 10.7.4 and I'm running After Effects 11.0.1 (this problem started with 11.0), I also have an i7 processor and 8GB of RAM.