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    Can't access CS6 project


      For some reason a CS6 project refuses to work properly.


      When I open the project, everything seems fine until I try to view the footage or sequence.


      If I continue clicking and trying to get it to work, Premiere PRO crashes.


      If I even click on teh Sequence drop down option, Premiere crashes.


      I don't have this problem with other projects, just this one.


      Leading up to this problem, it was getting hard to place a sequence within another sequence and I could not cut and paste some footage,


      I now have a finished project that I need to export, but can't view it or render it.


      Anyone know what the problem could be?




      More info:


      Premiere Pro CS6 (ver 6.0.1)

      Windows 7 64bit

      Software on C drive (140GB free of 279GB)

      Video footage on K drive (1.25 TB free of 3.63 TB)

      Quadro 4000 graphics card (latest driver)


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