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    Premiere pro / After Effects CS6 upgrade , render doesn't save ?

    mark bader

      Hi, I have just upgraded CS5.5 to CS6.


      I have opened and converted a previous project in CS6 which is linked to After Effects via the dynamic link. The media opened ok but even though it was fully rendered and saved from the previous version I had to re- render the entire sequence ..l. It's a 4 minute timeline and took over an hour to render in premiere CS6 .


      Now I have come back to the project today , I have opened After Effects and then opened the project in premiere pro, all the media is connected but I have a red render line again and another hour to wait for rendering until I can start working.


      Any tips on getting the render to save so I don't have to re- render each time I open the project.


      Is this a problem with converting older CS5.5 projects in CS6 ?


      My system is :

      IMac 3.1 Ghz i5