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    Saving digitally signed PDF without compressed xref table?

    Andreas A. Nilsson

      We have a user in our organization handling PDF invoices generated from an internal business system, which she receives, signs digitally, saves and then send to a customer. The customer have an automated process for interpreting these invoices and this is where we have run into a problem. When using Adobe Acrobat 8.1 Professional for this task there's was no problem but since changing to Adobe Acrobat X Pro within the organization, the customer's automated process doesn't work because of the feature "compressed xref table" which is apparently activated by default in Acrobat X. Is there anyway of changing this setting? I believe it is quite simple with a new document (changing the Object Level Compression in Distiller) and with an unsigned document (saving as a Reduced Size PDF or Optimized PDF), but when a document is signed and doesn't allow any changes I assume it is related to the default settings in Acrobat?