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    InDesign Glyphs Problem.




      I have a little question.

      I want to change the default dash of one of my fonts in InDesign. So if I use the normal key "-" the dash is pretty long and I have to go to the glyphs-menu to make it shorter. Is it possible to change the short one to a default glyph in this font?


      Thank you.


      EDIT: The long dash only appears in the font "HelveticaNew LT 57 Cn" - in every other font, the dash has normal length.

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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You could set up a GREP Style, within your paragraph style.


          look for




          then create a new character style and change the Horizontal scaling to the desired amount.


          Any time you type the - the GREP style will kick in and the Horizontal scaling will apply to the -.


          But be warned, copying this text to another document may cause the dash to resize to normal.



          If you want to edit the glyph itself you'd have to use a font editor.

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            moeAUT Level 1

            Ok, thanks for that.


            But in the glyph library for this font, there is a shorter dash - can I somehow make the short dash to my default dash?


            Best regards.