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    Export in pdf: looks awful in Acrobat Reader

    Seb Adore Level 1


      I wanna do a simple 1024*768 pdf (from sources i use for iPad app made in Digital Publishing Suite)
      WHen iI export in .pdf, there's no way (well, for me, so far) to get the pdf have the right size/dpi ratio than in my original innn document


      my document is made for web,, my images as well (all 1024*768, full page)


      when i open the pdf (i tried all possibilites in choices i'm given) it looks awful
      the acrobat reader says it's 100%, but 100% of what ?

      certainly not the100% from my original documlent, it opens way much bigger.
      I't only looks good when it's on 66,7% on acrobat reader


      Anyone got a clue ?

      thanx !