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    Setup of Wacom Tablet with PS CS6: pen tip opening brush properties


      I am struggling to set up my Wacom tablet with recently purchased CS6 (Specifically, Photoshop).  I previously used Photoshop 6, and was able to use my tablet for quick, pencil-style rough sketching.  On Photoshop CS6, the tip of my Wacom pen opens up a tool options box if I hold over the tablet (a funny little circle spins around the cursor).  It is infuriating, as this option simply slows up my ability to sketch and draw, the circle is appearing every time I rapidly sketch, and the lines I draw are slowed down and lag behind my cursor.  How can I disable this option?  If I want brush/tool properties I would rather select it the long way around, and use the tip of my pen just for drawing!  Can anyone help?  I've tried Photoshop set up and Wacom tablet set up!