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    Forms Central URL


      can the autogenerated characters at the end of the web form url be changed to characters of my choosing? Like a simple url for example? ie: http://adobeformscentral.com/mycustomurl

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          rdolgov Adobe Employee

          Currently we don't support such customization.


          If you have you own web site, as a workaround, you can embed our form in your web page to have better control over url name.




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            franbennett Level 1

            cool..thank you very much.

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              While the embed feature is nice, is there a way to make it print-friendly?   When using the embed link, trying to print from the web browser causes only the first visible page to be printed (I assume because it is doing an iframe).  This is only an issue because the customer wants a hard copy prior to submission and we were trying to make it look like they were still on the website.  Would be real nice if you could have a "Print" button on forms !

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                RandySwineford Adobe Employee

                What if we allowed respondents to download a PDF copy of their submitted web form on the confirmation page? Would that be better and meet your requirement?


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                  LCGI_MSP Level 1

                  That would be very helpful for our needs.  Right now we have them submit info via the "Submission-Enabled PDF" document but it doesn't give the user a "we got your data" confirmation like the web form.  I'd much rather them input the information via the web form (also ensures they have the latest updates w/o requiring us  to upload the new submission PDF).