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    Can I rebuild a Flex project from an application?


      It's been a few years since I've needed to revise my application. As I recall the application project settings were in a user documents folder which naturally I've misplaced over the years. I have the original .settings, bin-debug, libs and src folders, as well as .actionScriptProperties, .flexProperties and .project files which followed the application and I believe were separate from the project settings. Is it possible to recreate the project from these folders and make revisions to the application?


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          First glance says: Yes, it is possible. I mean its possibly as simlpe as importing an existing project onto Flash Builder (or any other IDE your are using).

          If you wanna know how to steps, here they are:


          1. In Adobe Flash Builder 4.6, go to "File" -> "Import Flash Builder project..."

          2. Keeping "Fodler" option selected, click "Browse..." button.

          3. Select .prj file.

          4. Click "Finish" button. Project will be created and displayed in the Package Explorer window of Flash Builder 4.6.

          5. If prompted to choose Flex SDK version, select "Flex 4.6.0"

          6. If needed, download API Library from http://links.esri.com/flex-api/latest-download.

             Go to "Project" -> "Properties" -> "Flex Build Path".

             Click "Add SWC" and navigate to the agslib-3.0-2012-06-06.swc file.



          Hope it helps.


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