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    Request to allow user testing of Video Cards

    theforester000 Level 1

      Dear Adobe;


      I have been reading a lot lately about various video cards and how they work within Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. I have been shown through Todd Koporiva's posts, as well as others, that Adobe is making a good effort to endorse as many video cards as they can after thorough testing to ensure they work at an acceptable level for Adobe to endorse these cards. But then I had an idea (I have millions, it's really nothing new), why not set up a system to allow users to test and automatically report data on the video cards. Testing takes a lot of time and man power; the larger the pool of testers means the more data available and a quicker decision can be made. Whether that decision is to begin rigorous in house testing, or to fully endorse a video card.


      So, here is what I propose:


      1. Release a downloadable program that allows a user to use their video card to utilize the Mercury Playback Engine hardware features.

      2. This program sends data to Adobe at the end of every session about performance, reliability, and any other variables necessary.

      3. Have a webpage that allows testers to login and post general feedback, or take a questionaire about the performance of their video card.


      It might be necessary to have a start-up fee associated with the download of the program, this would keep everyone and their mother from downloading it, but at the same time allow those that are serious users to utilize their video card to it's fullest and help Adobe make a better decision.


      So, general thoughts, suggestions, responses?