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    Not valid signature on hybrid extension


      I'm trying to sign an hybrid extension with my Globalsign certificate, I have tried using the signing toolkit and also directly in FlashBuilder ( Export Extension - hybrid).


      While installing the extension I always get "Extension ... does not contain valid signature". It creates the package without any warning or error, but I can't install it.


      I have successfully signed non hybrid extensions and they install fine, it's just the hybrid one. The certificate is also recent and I have tried including timestamp and without.


      Using Windows Vista and Extension Manager , I have heard about issues with Mac OS X in the past but it's not the case.


      When using the signing tool the command is: java -jar ucf.jar -package -storetype PKCS12 -keystore globalsign.p12 com.mycompany.myextension.zxp -C "C:\myextfolder" .


      If I create the hybrid package using the Extension Manager it installs fine but I get this ugly warning for not signed extension.

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          MSSDedalus Level 1

          After a lot of try and error I have found the reason:

          My hybrid extension includes many resource files, the certificate adds a signature for each of this files, after around 300 files the signature starts to become corrupt ( this can be seen in the signature file included in the package) and logically extension manager issues a not valid certificate message when installing.


          The solution I have adopted is to include only one compressed file with all resource files instead of any single file, then my extension must unzip it the first time at runtime. It's not ideal but works and all packages are correctly signed.


          I have not found any mention to a limit of the files in the documentation but propably no one was thinking on so large extensions

          Hope it helps somebody

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            lomorgan Adobe Employee

            That's odd. In what way does it become corrupt?

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              MSSDedalus Level 1

              In the signature.xml file each file becomes a DigestValue, after this first 300 ( aprox) the DigestValue is a long not readable collection of strange characters, then it returns to the normal value and after some hundred more again garbage.