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    Mulitdimensional Array text input

      WIth Flex3 Beta3 installed and learning Flex&Actionscript require help/guidance to solve the problem described below.
      Display a multi-dimensional array, 10 x 10 where each cell will contain just one alphanumeric character.
      Allow the user to enter a character in any cells of the array.
      After the user has completed entry of characters in several but not all of the cells the user will approve their selection by pressing a button.
      After the button is pressed, the non-blank cells enabled property to be set to false.
      All other cells will remain enabled to allow data entry into the blank cells.

      I know this can be done with a lot of coding but I want to be able to use an array and the indexes to the array and via loops minimize the code that has to be written.
      I have been trying to do this in Flex3 but have not been able to make much progress. Should I use ActionScript3 for this instead of Flex3? If so, some tips will be most welcome.
      Your help and guidance will be appreciated.