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    How do I merge two adobe accounts into one or simply delete one of these accounts?

    khouske Level 1

      Sometime ago I set up an Adobe Digital account when I was reading eBooks from the Library. I decided it was too cumbersome carrying a lap top around to a read a book so I had not used the account in quite some time.


      I was given a kobo reader as a gift and as I downloaded and purchased a book it was not loading correctly in the kobo. The id in the kobo is different than the Adobe ID I originally set up. I was receiving a server error upon opening Digital Reader. I am guessing here but I believe it may be related to the Adobe Digital ID I have. With this in mind I removed the Digital Reader software, set up a new account and reinstalled the Digital Reader but it loaded my previous ID. I searched for a solution to deactivate one of them and saw a reference to emailing support but link did not take me to an e-mail address that I could see.


      Please provide the best way to fix this issue. Reading books on these devices should not be this complicated and this entire 2 day process has been very frustrating to say the least. Please provide the exact steps to deactivate an account and set up the software with the new Adbobe ID I created.


      Thank you