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    Outputting a documentary to Blu-ray - Several Questions

    DanielSchmidt-Canada Level 1


      I have been using Premiere 5.5 for the last 2 years to complete a documentary. It is finally completed and I am able to output to H.264 files at 1920X1080 resolution (although like many users, I am experiencing random crashes). I have tried to preserve the quality by maintaining the highest resolution I can. When I import these files into Encore it does a long transcoding process before it burns them. Is this transcoding process re-compressing the files and losing quality? It seems like I should be able to create one file from Premiere to use for transcoding. In the Adobe media encoder I notice there is an option for H.264-Bluray, but when I select this option the computer hangs or crashes on output every time. If I were able to select this option, would the resulting file be something that could be burned directly in Encore (without transcoding)? Also if someone knows a good information resource on this process it would be great.


      My other question relates to cutting and pasting clips from one timeline to another. If I select the contents of one timeline (both audio and video clips) and paste into another timeline, everything copies except for the transitions (such as cross dissolves). My documentary is full of cross dissolves and it will take forever to replace them all. I'm wondering if this is "normal" or if there is some trick I am missing.