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    Multidimensional array data entry

      WIth Flex3 Beta3 installed and learning Flex&Actionscript require help/guidance to solve the problem described below. Problem clarified below.
      Display a multi-dimensional array, 10 x 10 where each cell will contain just one alphanumeric character.
      Picture a crossword puzzle. Each cell is only one character wide.
      Allow the user to enter a character in any cells of the array.
      How do I display this arraycollection without having to define each and every cell of the datagrid?

      I know this can be done with a lot of coding but I want to be able to use an array and the indexes to the array and via loops minimize the code that has to be written.
      I have been trying to do this in Flex3 but have not been able to make much progress. Should I use ActionScript3 for this instead of Flex3? If so, some tips will be most welcome.
      Your help and guidance will be appreciated.