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    Capturing webcam as DVAVI type-2


      I started a discussion yesterday that was too narrowly focused on graphedit.  I need help from any editors who have successfully captured DVAVI type-2 from a source OTHER THAN firewire.  In this case, it's one of these VGA to USB devices, which the computer reads as a webcam. I've gone through several different titles" "Debut video capture", "Captureflux" and "Graphedit Plus".  So far, all have failed.  Captureflux seemed promissing, as it was showing the capture codec properly as DVAVI type 2.  But the output was a train wreck.  Graphedit plus came the closest, but I believe that the filter it's calling "DV compressor" is still type-1, and the video freeze-framed after 8 minutes. Attempting to add the Cedodida DV codec into the program did not work.


      My goal is to get editable video that I can work with in After Effects or Premiere.  I have been able to capture sucessfully with a DIVX codec, but getting it to an editable form took about 10hrs/per hour of video in Media Encoder.


      Can anyone offer suggestions/advice with this? I'm desperate to find a solution before the end of the week, as I'm supposed to use this to capture presentations on Monday!!

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          >capture presentations


          Depending on your PPro version, you may have the OnLocation program... which is designed to capture video from a camera directly to a computer


          Or, if you have CS6 (which does not, as far as I know, have OnLocation) check into the idea of using PPro itself to capture to computer via Firewire connected camera

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            LorinK2922 Level 1

            To reiterate: firewire is not part of this picture.  I know, capturing from firewire is like shooting fish in a barrel.  What I'm trying to do is capture from a webcam.  The VGA input into the computer is USB, recognized as a webcam.  The signal needs to encoded as DVAVI-type 2 in realtime.


            Much appreciation for any suggestions.