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    using transitions and effects within a custom component


      I have created a custom mxml component page within my application with an id=Theatre2. When the appropriate button is clicked in the main application Theatre2 opens by fading in. Within Theatre2 there are two main canvas containers with id=theatreLeftMain and theatreRightMain. Within theatreRightMain, there are several canvas containers with id=aboutus, curriculum, photos, awards0708 and awards0607. They are stacked on top o of each other and present via the appropriate button click. I want these several canvas containers to each “fade in” when the appropriate button is clicked . I have tried both transitions and effects but I haven’t been able to get them to work on these several internal canvas containers. The Theatre2 component page fades in great. Suggestions as to what to use to fade in these several containers would be greatly appreciated(effect or transition? where to put the code? code to use?). Thanks Joe Kerenick