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    Tape name will not update in the project window of an existing project

    dkitsov Level 2

      I am having issue data managing in Premiere Pro CS 6.0.2

      I had to change Reel/Tape names for many clips or create them for some. I used the Adobe Prelude to do so (In the past used QT change but Prelude is faster)

      If I then Import such media into a new project the correct Tape names do show up in the project window if the Tape name column is enabled, it does show in the metadata window as well. If I however look at the same clips in the existing project the Tape names do not change, they remain the old ones or non existant in the project window tape column. They will show up correctly in the metadata window,

      This is the second instance of the Project window bug (previous one was clips that are in the sequence do not show up in the project window at all.