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    document.window controls from flash

    DanM. Level 1
      i have an html form that manipulates the opened window with basic html such as

      <form action = "httpURL" target = "_self"
      onSubmit = "window.open('','paradigm','width=800,height=600,resizable=yes,toolbar=no,menubar=no,loca tion=no');">

      AND! .....

      i have a flash forum who does the same login, however, my window appears with toolbar, menubar, etc.

      i'm calling it with getURL ( URL, Window, POST)

      is there ANY way to make the new window appear without without a toolbar or menubar similar to the document.window property above.

      Thanks in advance, as this is extremely difficult to search in search engines as document and window are very common words.
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          Marghoob Suleman Level 1
          use attached script in your html <head> tag.
          and call a javascript method from flash.

          like this
          getURL("javascript:OpenPopup(' http://www.loveincafe.com/')")

          i hope it should work.

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            DanM. Level 1
            even though you didn't accomdate for my form variable to post to the "URL", you gave me the idea of calling javascript from within the getURL call. don't know why i never thought of it *bang head, idiot* ...anywayz.

            i think that is the only method is using the fs command or getURL to pass the values of the text boxes out to a js function that submits a "hidden" form.

            i'm sure i'll run into problems, so i'll be back :)

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              DanM. Level 1
              by the way, THANKS!!!
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                DanM. Level 1
                okay. worked once, but can't duplicated on the product computer. GRR!!!
                #my button AS:
                on (release) {
                getURL("javascript:insertValues('between this and "+UserId.text+"this')");
                #my JS function
                var user;
                function insertValues(user) {

                All it does is put everything BUT the content of my text box in it. so the "functionality" of it is good. but somehow ( UserId.text ) does not get it.

                yes, i copy and pasted the textbox name, no misspellings.

                my question:
                what's wrong with my AS syntax?