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    Dual system sound drifting out of sync


      I'll start with the basics, I shot 24p video on a dslr and recorded sound separately on an olympus digital voice recorder vn-6200pc (it's what I was able to afford). I'm using Premiere Elements 10 on windows 7. When I tried to sync the video and the audio I was able to match up the beginning of the clip but farther along the timeline I would say something and you would hear it a couple frames later. So I looked around, tried to find some answers, but no luck. I tried to speed up the audio but I didn't like that it changed the pitch, when I selected it to not change the pitch it sounded awful. I tried playing with the audio files in audacity and again it didnt seem to work. So I tried to create a video using the audio files, I created a new project at 30p and rendered it out in 24p. The audio still didn't match. Then I tried to interpret the footage I used for the audio at a frame rate of 24.07 and it seemed to work quite well, until I exported the video then the sound went out of sync again. It was about that time when I decided that I should find another program to do the syncing for me, the problem is that the only other program I have is avid studio (lite) and it doesn't export 24p. I downloaded the trial version of premiere pro, and tried to sync it there BUT it did the exact same thing. So I'm pretty confident that the problem is the audio files, I'm just wondering if anybody knows something that I can do in order to make these files sync properly. Any help would be awesome.