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    CS6 CUDA Sequences Freeze

    yapple_dapple Level 1

      In CUDA accellerated timelines, the sequence will freeze when I zip the CTI around a bit.  It doesn't take long for the video to stop playing and stay frozen on a frame.  Audio will update, and the RGB parade will as well in another window.  But, I can't get the video back without switching out of CUDA mode.


      Two NVIDIA cards in, I'm starting to wonder what could be causing sequence video lockups in Prmiere Pro CS 6.0.2.  After having used a GTX 470 with moderate success, I thought it might be time to try a new card in the Mac Pro 3,1 - one that used a bit less power.  This machine is pretty decked out as far as its capacity is concerned - 18GB RAM, a large SSD drive, and now a brand new NVIDIA GTX 660 Ti.  I am running OS X 10.8.1 on this machine.


      Thinking that the problems I've been experiencing are due to running the monitors off of the NVIDIA card(s) I've tried, I have now put the ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT that shipped with the computer back into the case.  This card is connected to my monitors, and now I am just using the 660 Ti for accelleration only (or at least I'm attempting to).  This has solved a lot of crashing issues I was having related to this issue, but the root cause seems to remain.


      I have experienced this problem in many different projects, utilizing different media from different sources.  Here's a list of other potential remedies I've tried, all to no avail:


      - Throwing out Premiere Pro CS6 preferences from my user library

      - Repairing Permissions

      - Re-installing CUDA (5.0.24, but the problem was happening in many previous versions)

      - Swapping out NVIDIA cards (see above)

      - Running monitors off another card (see above)

      - Uninstalling and removing AJA Kona LHe card and drivers

      - Cleaning Media Cache folder

      - Deleting all preview files (manually and using the preferences function)

      - Zapping PRAM


      About the only thing I haven't tried at this point is re-installing Premiere Pro.


      What could be causing an issue like this?


      Any help much appreciated!

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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          Could this be a long spanned AVCHD clip?

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            yapple_dapple Level 1

            Unfortunately, it seems to be in any CUDA sequence - and I use a variety of media in different formats.  H.264, ProRes, DV50...  It doesn't seem to be related to media type.

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              Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

              Well since this is a Mac problem I am not qualified to go further.  I did not realize that either of these GPU cards could be used with a Mac Pro without special modifications to the GPU card.  That might be an unsupported Adobe configuration.

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                yapple_dapple Level 1

                Right - you have to add them to the TXT file in the package contents of the app.  It's well documented, although you're right - officially unsupported by Adobe.  Still, not altogether discouraged, and nothing is done in terms of any modifications to the card whatsoever - it's straight out of the box into the Mac Pro.

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                  yapple_dapple Level 1

                  Well, it gets more interesting...  It seems if I drag around, without jumping the CTI, things stay running smoothly.  But, as soon as I jump to a new place in the sequence by just clicking at a different point, the video either freezes or just goes entirely black, never to return.  So, something is definitely up here.  I can drag around from the existing CTI position seemingly ad nauseum.  It's just that as soon as I jump the CTI is when things go haywire.  A clue, perhaps?

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                    yapple_dapple Level 1

                    I suppose it may be helpful to post an update for anyone else who may encounter configuration issues with their 3,1.  Here's my follow-up:


                    The 660 Ti just isn't working out in the Mac Pro 3,1.  I reinstalled Mountain Lion, and then reinstalled Premiere Pro, just to ensure I was using fresh versions of both.  When I ran just the 660 Ti, the system booted fine (no EFI boot screen, but that doesn't bother me), but Premiere Pro freaked out with monitors connected, after just playing the sequence for a few seconds (see picture).



                    I guess this is what the card was doing when I was using the ATI card in conjunction with it for monitoring purposes.  It's just that I could see it now that the monitors were connected to this card instead.


                    So, I swapped the 660 Ti out for the old 470.  Put the stock ATI card back in Slot 1, and moved the 470 to Slot 2 (originally, I was just running that card in Slot 1 with no other GPUs in the system).  I connected both monitors to the ATI card, and now strictly use the 470 for accelleration in CS 6 apps.  This has resulted in a MUCH more stable system - no crashes today (knock on wood), with exceptional stability in Premiere Pro, compared to the almost immediate freezing I was getting with the 660 Ti in the machine.  It looks like there are either driver issues with the brand new card, or CUDA needs to be retooled a bit.  Either way, the 660 Ti is not ready for prime time in my Mountain Lion setup, it seems.  Maybe newer machines run it better, but somehow, I doubt it at this point.


                    Knock on wood, I can just fly like this.  Now, to look at building out a sweet new Windows box for that 660 Ti...

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                      For what it is worth, I am having the same problem with  the same GPU in a Win 7 64-bit system that has a hex Core i7 (3930). I haven't verified that jumping to a new sequence point will cause the problem (up to now, I couldn't find any repeatable cause), but I have verified that switching to MPE in software allows me to continue working, but simply re-enabling MPE in hardware doesn't cure the problem. I did find that if I kill the program, and bring it back up in software MPE, then re-enable GPU acceleration, things work OK again. I have verified that there's nothing wrong with the gtx-480  using EVGA's stress tests and benchmarks, and I note everything worked fine before the 6.0.2 update, and with a gtx-460 v2 that I was using before the update with both CS5.5 and CS6. I will try dragging the sequence pointer around to see if I can verify what you observed.

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                        JEShort01 Level 4



                        I have a story to share that may possibly apply to the war-story that you provide. This sounds a little like a problem that I was having a few years ago and have attributed to a subtle power supply issue. I did not share this for the OP since I am not Apple savy and I don't know if GPU tweaking software tools are available on the MAC platforms (I had to underclock my GPU to resolve nVidia GTX GPU crashes).


                        Here goes...


                        This dates a few years back when I was running a dual-Xeon Dell workstation and a nVidia GTX 260 video card:

                        - GPU would pass all GPU stress tests with flying colors

                        - System was hanging however, doing real editing work

                        - solution was to underclock the GPU using a nVidia tweaking application; I went from crashing about once every two days to never crashing again (for about 5 more months that I used that PC)

                        - this was assuredly not a GPU problem since I moved the GTX 260 to my next system (hand built i7 single CPU system), ran it at stock speeds again, and never had any crash issues on that PC


                        So what could explain this behavior? I have written it off to the power supply not having enough grunt to handle everything that it is tasked to do and the GPU was choking when the entire PC was being exercised - yes, that is what Premiere Pro is pretty good at!


                        Not sure if this is applicable at all to anyone else's situation anywhere in the world, but I sure hope it makes someone's life better. In my case this was NOT an easy problem to identify and resolve!





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                          VIMSmogul Level 1

                          Thanks, I'll do some checking of my system's power. I have a 700 W power supply running behind a 500 W UPS that indicates about a 40-50% load when I'm running Premiere at full tilt, so I should be OK as regards the total load, but I suppose there could be issues with the 6- and 8-pin lines that the GPU uses for it's main power. I'll check them to be sure.

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                            Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                            Very interesting, but the GTX 660 Ti uses less power than the GTX 470.  When you put the second nVidia cards in the Mac do you have to load a driver?  What is the driver?

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                              yapple_dapple Level 1

                              Hi Bill, I think you meant to reply to me, since I'm the one with those two cards?  In any case...  Yes, it is interesting.  I only attempt to run one of the nVidia cards at a time, either with or without the ATI card also loaded.  Until yesterday, I had not loaded any drivers, as I'm running Mountain Lion (10.8.1), and that was the first time I saw that nVidia had posted a new Mountain Lion driver for the first time a few days ago.  However, to answer your question, I did install that driver, and tried again with the 470, with identically unstable results.  So, I'm growing more convinced this isn't a driver issue.


                              I have also begun to experience more telling signs of hardware failure.  The system is rebooting randomly, and I believe I've narrowed it down to either a power suppy (as suggested above from someone on a Windows box), or the logic board.  With the price of these machines on eBay, I might just go ahead and get another machine of the same vintage, and just swap out all the add-on elements (RAM, hard drives, and HOPEFULLY, one of my nVidia cards).


                              I am running lower on my outlook for getting the 660 Ti to work, at least for now, as there is no Kepler card support in the newest Mountain Lion driver.  So, back to the 470, with a fully functional and reliable system is really all I am seeking at this point.

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                                bucksommerkamp Adobe Community Professional

                                I wish I had an answer, but all I can contribute is another "war story" with different hardware.


                                I'm running:

                                • Windows 8 RTM 64-bit
                                • Premiere Pro CS6 (6.0.2)
                                • Nvidia Quadro CX
                                • Nvidia driver 305.93, the "WHQL certified" driver for Windows 8


                                It's to the point where I can't even remotely work with the MPE (CUDA) stuff enabled. I have the exact same crashes you do - pointing to things, zipping around in the CTI, almost any kind of "normal" work is going to crash me, guaranteed. I have Windows event logs filled with these errors, and Nvidia is no help; they barely even knew Windows 8 was RTM yet!


                                Software-only for me, which is incredibly difficult when I've got this gorgeous and powerful 192-core powerhouse video card I can't really use.


                                So I share your pain, and I have no solutions. I just hope that someone sees all of this and recognizes there's an issue, and provides an updated Premiere Pro to all of us.




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                                  Seastage Level 1

                                  Same problem here.  I reinstalled my mountain lion os and then Premiere and have had slightly less crashes.  But I'm at the point where it still happens too often to risk using it.


                                  Not sure who/what/where the culprit is-- but I think it's one or more of the following:


                                  a) Adobe

                                  b) Apple

                                  c) Nvidia


                                  My system specs:


                                  Mac Pro OS Mountain Lion

                                  Premiere CS6 (all updates)

                                  2x3.46 ghz 6-core intel xeon

                                  64gb of RAM

                                  nvidea geforce gtx 570 open cl / cuda enabled

                                  Raid 1400 r&w @ 1400mb/s

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                                    bucksommerkamp Adobe Community Professional

                                    Good news - I checked with someone at Adobe who's pretty knowledgeable about this kind of stuff -- and he says they are aware of the problem, and their engineering team is working with Nvidia to resolve. So for now it sounds like Seastage's list can be reduced by one - I don't think Apple is at fault here (especially since I'm having all sorts of issues on Windows 8).

                                    Between the two parties -- Adobe and Nvidia -- all we can do for now is watch dilligently for our Adobe Update Manager to spring to life with a Premiere Pro 6.03 "fixes Nvidia CUDA crashes" designation!



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                                      JFPhoton Level 3

                                      .......I feel better now still using Windows 7 and 5.03!!!...maybe its better not to be an "early adopter"......maybe best to be a "wait and see adopter!!"

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                                        bucksommerkamp Adobe Community Professional

                                        Good news for all - at least in my situation (Quadro CX, Windows 8) the beta driver 310.34 actually WORKS. They actually mention Premiere Pro specifically in the release notes...



                                        Windows Vista/Windows 7 Fixed Issues


                                        • [Quadro FX 5800][Adobe Premiere Pro]: During clip playback, the application crashes with an error message pointing to the NVIDIA OpenGL driver.


                                        Instead of being able to crash mine within 30 seconds of playing around on the CTI, I actually did some work without ever getting any instability or crashing.


                                        Go get it! Good luck...