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    RH8 snippets with hyperlinks to local host page bookmarks




      I use RH8 (with IE8 browser) and have started to use snippets to reuse common content. I have implemented the twistie javascript where the bookmark is inside a hotspot dropdown and when link to that bookmark the content is expanded. (Love this functionality thank you van weelden).


      My issue is when I have the snippet with a hyperlink that links to a bookmark inside a hotspot dropdown on the host page. The hypelink does not work.




      URL:-  d:\robohelp\publish\folder1\Test.htm


      HTML PAGE <starts>


      DropdownHotSpot <Starts>

         Snippet <Starts>

            hyperlink to Bookmark1

         Snippet <Ends>

      DropdownHotSpot <Stops>


      DropdownHotSpot <Starts>


      DropdownHotSpot <Ends>


      HTML PAGE <Ends>



      What I have noticed is that when hovering over the hyperlink it indicates it is going to go to d:\robohelp\publish\#bookmark1 not d:\robohelp\publish\foleder1\Test.htm#bookmark1


      This would be because the snippet is stored in the PUBLISH folder.


      How can I create a hyperlink in the snippet that will work by pointing in the host page not relative to the storage folder of the snippet.