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    Why does text reflow in a different paragraph to the one I change?


      I'm working on a book in InDesign CS5, set in Adobe Garamond (postscript), justified.

      I'm using paragraph composer, auto hyphenation, and the following justification settings:





      Sometimes when I make a minor change to a paragraph (eg: add a comma), which has absolutely NO change to the turnovers/line breaks in that paragraph, I notice that in a different paragraph (usually the next one, although I'm not certain of this), the text reflows... ie hyphenation, turnovers etc. CHANGES, even though I didn't touch that paragraph.


      Why is this happening? It is frustrating because it sometimes adds a line and throws the whole book out.

      Does "Adobe Paragraph Composer" affect the entire page? eg. Does it look at the page as a whole, and reflow text accordingly? I thought it was just paragraph-specific.


      Can anyone help please?