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    CSEB prompting for login on PC

    Nate Beck Level 1

      Hey all,


      I'm trying to track down an issue with our plugin on Windows.  So I've installed CSEB 2.0 on a copy of Flash Builder 4.6.  However, when I try to setup the extension project it prompts me to "Please log in with your Adobe ID to use Adobe Creative Suite Extension Builder", but it doesn't give me a place to do so.


      Hopefully this is something simple, and I'm just being daft.



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          lesavage Adobe Employee

          Hi Nate,


          Do you have any creative suite products installed on the machine that you are seeing this error? My expectation is that when you click 'Finish', another program will be launched know as the Adobe Application Manager. This will show a login form for you to enter your AdobeID and password.


          Does this happen?


          Kind regards,


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            Nate Beck Level 1

            Thanks for the response Lea, but this error shows up after I hit Finish, and each time I hit Finish, never letting the wizard complete.  It never shows the login to your Adobe account prompt that I saw during the Flash Builder install.


            I have Master Collection CS 5.5 installed.  I had to uninstall Flash Builder 4.5, and install the Flash Builder 4.6 update indepenant of the Master Collection Install.

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              lesavage Adobe Employee

              I think this is due to EB 2.0 attempting to launch Adobe Application Manager (AAM) with options that were introduced into AAM as part of CS6.  Therefore, could you attempt to update your version of AAM by downloading the latest release from adobe.com.


              This should enable you to login to AAM and complete the authorization steps required by EB 2.0


              Kind regards,



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                Nate Beck Level 1

                That did it.  Thanks Lea!

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                  After recent updates I was seeing this problem, prompt for login problem with Extension Builder. Also unable to export extensions with extension builder erroneously reporting that license expired/needed.


                  Downloaded and installed latest release of AAM, also reinstalled Extension_Builder_2_1_LS1. Successfully now prompted to login and exporting successfully.



                  - Mark

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                    rgartlan Level 1

                    I'm now seeing this problem just in the past day or so... I'd encountered it months ago and got around it (can't remember how) -- but now I can't seem to shake it.... and this puts the brakes on my ability to develop my plug-in.  Anybody have other ideas on getting around this?  I have the latest AAM and no updates are reported as relevant to my installation.  I'm on Windows using CS6 and Flash Builder plus CS Extension Builder.