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    Flash CS4 to CS6 - subpixel rendering alignment changed?

    xTLS Level 1

      I and a friend have been working on a game for a long time. We started right before CS5 came out, so we got CS4 and worked in that for the last few years. I've picked up more paid Flash work recently and bought CS6 and excitedly threw our game into it, wanting to finally have the ability to autoformat spaces back between the operators after all these years.


      But... it renders differently during runtime. In order to have a minimap, I had the idea (which I thought was brilliant at the time) of just making a copy of the regular map, the same size as the regular map, and then scale down that movieclip to minimap size. That way all the markers on the minimap could have the same x and y coordinates as the things they represented on the regular map!


      It worked fine in CS4. But when I compile the document from CS6, everything on the minimap is off. The markers no longer exactly correspond to the positions of the objects they represent on the main map.


      I'm guessing that somewhere in the many versions of AIR that have happened between CS4 and CS6, they changed how subpixel rendering is calculated, and now there is some rounding error or something that is occurring.


      A possibly related thing I noticed... in the Flash CS6 debugger, if I right click on the document and change the quality to 8x8 or 16x16, the minimap disappears! Nothing else does though. Very odd.


      Anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions for an easy fix? Thanks!