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    Three most stupid features about actionscript

      1. crossdomain.xml
      2. no database support
      3. source code can be easily extracted

      With those mistakes, Actionscript is the most stupid language I have ever known. Basically, it killed itself and benefited other languages.
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          Sreenivas R Adobe Employee
          1. crossdomain.xml is a requirement from the player not the AS language.

          2. The frameworks built using the language can give that support similar to Java, C++, C.

          3.When everyone is moving towards open source what problem can this create?
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            Ratsnackbar Level 2
            Yep! I have to agree with Sreenivas R

            The CrossDomain.xml file is not exactly difficult to figure out how to use.

            As for a database I believe you can use SQL Lite and Apache Derby. (Some one check me on that if I am wrong.) You have to remember that AS3/Flex are Client Development tools originally intended as a way to build a RIA (Presentation Layer) to be used with a Middleware server like ColdFusion to handle the heavy DB interaction and business logic. Having you client side code do that would not be nearly as secure. At least not if you intend to use your application over the internet.

            With the right tools you can decompile and re-engineer just about any language you care to name. It's just a matter of how much time you have on your hands and how badly you want it. Yes I too was disappointed to learn how easy it is to do with AS3 but even more reason to keep as much of your business logic on the servers end and do not rely on your Client to do everything for you.

            In short I would suggest checking out ColdFusion 8 if you have not already as much of what you are not liking about AS3/Flex can be mitigated by combining the two. Plus if you use the Reactor ORM you can state your server is powered by a ColdFusion Reactor! ;)

            P.S. (PHP is dead, .NET blows chunks, LONG LIVE CF! :D)
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              the two things i hate MOST are

              - Arrays that can't store native types
              - Objects that can't store native types and have String keys