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    any experience with Buddy API/Window function?



      Is there anyone, who knows how to change to a specific window when the screensaver stops? I want to return to the standard window (the director menu) even when another window/app was active before the screensaver started. Here's my script, that doesn't work :-(:


      global gStatus


      on exitFrame me

        -- Handle of Screensaver:

        WinHandle = baFindWindow( "" , "WellwasserBluescreen" )



        if (gStatus = "Screensaver" ) then 

          OK = baWindowToFront( baWinHandle() )

          gStatus = "Anwendung"

        end if



        -- Screensaver aktiv:

        if (baActiveWindow() = WinHandle) then

          gStatus = "Screensaver"

        end if

        go to the frame