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    Can anyone help with flex4.6 spark, iOS, and Stage3D issue?


      Hi All,


      I'm new to the forum so please forgive me if this comes across.


      I'm currently trying to create a Flex based application (in FlashBuilder 4.6 using the AIR3.4 SDK) using the spark controls, for iOS. This is all going very well. Thus far I've been using the Spark controls to provide a view based application, with views sliding in an out with no problems. I've succeeded in getting my app onto my iPad and it appears to be working well. Now, however, I would like to add a 3D section to the app.  To do this I've integrated the alternativa api into my app, set the <rendermode> to direct and the <depthAndStencil> to true, and within the FlashBuilder test environement on my PC this works fine. The views transition correctly, and the 3D works. However, when I transfer the app onto my iPad I now get issues with the view transistions.


      Essentially the issue is that, with the setup outlined above, I have a splitviewnavigator with a left and right panel. The left panel items push a view onto the rightpanel (similar in concept to the iPad Settings app). The difficulty is that with the <depthAndStencil> set to true, the right hand panel transition doesn't render. The view is certainly there, and if I guess the location of the control on the view, and press the screen at that location, the view flashes up, but unless I press the screen, the requested righthand panel is not displayed. Its as if the <depthandstencil> setting is interferring with the z-order of the views.


      Has anyone else encountered this sort of problem, and if so do you have any suggestion as to what I could try?


      Switching off the <depthandstencil> setting is not an option as without it the 3D doesn't render correctly, however I don't understand why it should affect the 2D stage, given that its really only meant to be used by the 3D stage to control rendering/aliasing of the 3D world.


      All help gratefully received.