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    Links changed automatically?

    vikojh Level 1

      Hi I was creating a document in InDesign CS4 for a client.  The InD document contained 4 links to Diagrams created using Illutrator CS4.


      I was saving all the files (IND + ILL) in one folder (Lets call it Folder 1).  Later I had to make lots of changes to all 4 Diagrams.  I saved all these 4 new diagrams in another sub-folder inside Folder 1. So basically, inside Folder 1, I had 4 old diagram illustrator files and a sub folder with the 4 new diagram illustrator files.


      Everything was wrapped up soon around a month ago and we gave the client a final PDF.  Yesterdday, I discovered that the IND file had somehow linked two of the diagrams to their old Illustrator files and not the new ones. Im certain nothing happened at our end.

      Any idea how this could have happened automatically? It forgot the new links? What?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Did you send the old links and the new ones? Did they have the same filenames?


          Waht it sounds like to me is that you either sent only the .indd file, or you sent the whole folder, and the new links inthe subfolder have the same name as the old links. ID uses absolute path information in the links, so when a file is opened on a different computer unless that path is accessible the links will be missing. When that happens, if your prefs tell ID to find missing links, ID starts looking for missing links in the same folder where the file iteslf is stored. If it doesn't find them there, it will continue to look in subfolders.


          In this case I think it found the old files in the folder and stopped looking, so never got to the subfolder where the new versions were stored. You can avoid this by not having multiple versions of a file with the same name.