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    Freeform rendering canvas in a Flex window


      I need a region in a Flex window where I can directly render every frame with whatever I want, using primitive drawing commands, i.e:


      set color

      set font size and character spacing

      render one word at an (x,y) location relative to the region

      change font characteristics

      render another word at (x1, y1)

      render a small bitmap at (x2, y2)

      set color

      render a line





      What I can't do is use a list of component objects and let Flash do the rendering.  That would be impossibly inefficient -- I'm trying to create a continuously-scrolling display with precision content that changes constantly, and I need to simply draw it -- myself.



      Can this be done?  I've searched for several hours, and all I find are display lists of objects, even in ActionScript item renderers.


      For this region I don't need any of that high-level stuff.  I just want a drawing canvas, and a set of primitives like draw text, draw bitmap, draw line, etc.


      But it's a Flex app rather than a pure ActionScript project because there are other parts of the app that would be easier in Flex.



      Thanks for any help...  I'm completely new to Flash as you can tell.