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    Overriding link auto update?



      A friend asked me to edit something in an indesign-file. He sent me the file but no images and all links where broken. No problem I was just editing som text. I did this and returned the file (I know it is not the way to work with indesign). He checked it and was satisfied and sent it to print. But there was a problem with one of the images. Originaly he had an image on a different harddrive and I happend to have an image with the same file-name in my temporary folder and this image was treated as not broken but only updated. I did not notice this and I had not changed anything other than text so why should this be saved? There should not have been a problem when he got the file back because he should see that there was a broken link or Indesign should update this on its own. Well he just happend to have a different file with the same name in his folder and Indesign just picked this file instead, it reported it as an updated link but he just accepted this and the end result is a missprint.

      I know that this scenario is a bit stupid but I was wondering if it is possible to open a file and force it to only save what I truly change and ignore broken links?

      I use CS5.