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    Actual Tempo won't update...

    Level 7
      Having an interesting problem with the Actual Tempo field on the Control
      Panel. Changes in tempo don't show up until I force it - the only way I've
      found to do this is to change the "fps" to to one of the other 3 settings
      and back again. As I'm playing around with dynamically shifting tempos,
      this is rather inconvenient. Has anyone else ever encountered this bug?

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          RobWellington Level 1
          I am having all sorts of problems with tempo on my Mac OS X 10.5.3

          First - setting the tempo in the tempo track crashes Director.

          Then I tried to set it with lingo and chose _movie.frameTempo from dictionary/Movie/Score but it puts:
          in the script
          so I retype it as
          and it doesn't recognise it!!

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            fazstp Level 2
            I'm using MX2004 in OSX 10.4.9 and selecting _movie.frameTempo from the menu puts _movie.frameSound as described. However _movie.frameTempo is recognised when I type it in. According to the help docs you can only set this property when you are doing score recording. You may want to try puppetTempo instead.