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    Before we buy, a few questions...


      Right now my organization currently uses Microsoft Producer and Articulate for our eLearning needs. Well, suffice to say, MS Producer just isn't cutting it anymore. We need the ability to do the same things Articulate does when we output for Video On Demand.


      Here is our current workflow with questions:


      Record videos and edit in Final Cut Pro, then cut up each video per each slide for Articulate, then squeeze them to .swf with Sorenson. We would like to just export one large video file to sync the pops/animations to just like in MS Producer, but I'm not seeing a way to import Powerpoint animations and sync them to the timing of a video into Captivate 5 or 6?


      In Articulate, sometimes we hide the TOC/Presenter video and window/sidebar completely to go full screen, then switch back to a view that has the TOC and Stage showing. Say I imported a 30 minute video and wanted to switch the TOC/Presenter window to the Stage, but only for certain slides, is there advanced scripting to do that? I found a way to just hide the TOC/presenter video, but not the TOC itself.


      Finally, we need a way to incorporate 508 compliant EWD versions of the presentation and closed captioning into the Video On Demand. Right now we use .smi files for closed captioning, but have created .stl files in the past for our DVD presentations.


      Thanks for your help