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    CS6 corrupting quicktimes unreadable



      We experienced a major bug when working with AE CS6.

      AE will change any Quicktime exported from AVID when importing or opening.


      This will result in unreadable files with the error:

      "this 'MooV' file is damaged or unsupported"


      In CS5 the file would open properly without any problem.


      What really makes this issue dramatic: AE CS6 is corrupting the file

      while opening it!


      when you import the Quicktime for the first time it looks as everything is ok.

      Save the project and open it again,-error.


      This destroyed almost all the quicktime footage from a production when someone accidentially opened the project withCS6 where all the clips where linked to.


      What is going on here?


      Thank you very much,



      OSX 10.6.8

      AVID MC 5.3.3