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    Get Adobe Extension Manager app path from registry

    poortip87 Level 1




      I have been looking to develop an installer that installs my extension through Inno Setup. I want to launch the Adobe Extension Manager as a post install process in the [Run] section of the Inno Setup install process. Now, there can be multiple versions of Extension Manager installed on a machine, the latest version of Extension Manager is launched by default. I want to make sure that the product version chosen by the user during installation launches the corresponding Extension Manager. Eg., if a machine has Photoshop CS5, CS6 installed, and the user chooses Photoshop CS5, then the Extension Manager CS5 should be launched. For this, I want the path to the application. I am unable to get the Extension Manager path from the registry. Please help me with this.


      I am aiming to use this installer on Win XP, 7, Vista (32/64 bit).


      Its urgent...