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    Caption function in InDesign CS6


      I have been playing with the Caption function in InDesign and cannot get a handle on it.


      Is there a discussion or video that might help me?


      In InDesign, I go to enter a caption for my picture.

      Object / Caption / Caption setup.


      It says it is looking for a piece of metadata called "Name".


      I go to Adobe Bridge to enter the metadata for this image.  There is no field called "Name" (or at least I have not yet found it).

      Should I use "Title"?  I added my caption text as the "Title" in Bridge

      Relinked the photo

      I went to Caption Setup and chose Title instead of name, told it to use my "caption" paragraph style.  I'm not sure how the before/after function works.

      I do not see the text either in Caption setup or anywhere else.


      I tried to Generate Live Caption and what appeared under my picture is "<No intersecting link>"




      My goal is to keep the caption together with the picture when exporting to accessible pdf, or ebook, or Kindle.


      Coaching, please?


      Thank you,