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    Best Practices CS6 - Multicam Edit: How to use a key?

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      I'm trying to figure out what's the best way to use the Multi-cam editing function of CS6 PP, while applying a key to the primary video track.


      The workflow I have is V1 contains the background that I want to key into V2. I applied UltraKey to V2, did the key (works great), and now I want to use the multicam editing to cut between the finished keyed V2 track, and video on V3. The way I've always used the Multicam editing in the past is to select the video clips from the clip browser (not the timeline) to create a multicam source sequence - but if I have to apply a key first, I can't do that. I thought of nesting V1 and V2 together after the key is applied, but then I can't make adjustments to the key after the final composite is made (or can I?)


      Any thoughts about what works best in this scenario? appreciate the help.