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    Can I use Photoshop Touch with Android 4.0.4 ?


      Can someone advise if I can use my Samsung Galaxy Tablet (GT-P3110) which uses Androis version 4.0.4 to use Photoshop Touch?


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          sudarshan.t Level 6

          You most certainly can! PS Touch works on tablets only. Works great on iPad 2 or above and on Android 3.1 or higher.


          Refer here for more such FAQs: http://www.adobe.com/uk/products/photoshop-touch/faq.html

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            david k

            I've been searching for a tablet to take with my while traveling. I'd like to mainly view photos, maybe doing some limited editing and 'save as.' Recommendations and cautions about Android tablets are all over the board, but it genearlly seems:


            • With Nexus tablets I've been told you will need the Media Importer app to create folders, access the files on your memory card, etc.


            • If you want to view or work with files from your memory card/camera, ook for a tablet that has either a microUSB or a USB port (very few have these) to plug your memory card into. For the microUSB port, you'll need a microUSB-to-USB converter so you can plug in your USB card reader.
            • Note that some tablets don't even have these ports, but only a port for docking or for video, in which case you'll have to see if the docking port has a USB port, which means you're carrying around another piece of equipment, so you might not want to go that route.
            • I'm not clear on this, but I've been told that some manufacture's versoins of Android don't allow you to create or access file folders, as in the Nexus. Not sure how wide-spread this is.


            And of course, if you're wanting to work directly from photos in your camera or on your memory card, don't get a tablet that will only allow you to access files and programs via 'the cloud.'


            I have list at home of some tablets I think will meet all of the needs for what I want to do. I'll post it later today for comments.


            Regards, David.

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              Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

              Unless something's changed, you cannot manage folders in Android *unless* you pick up something like File Manager HD (which is free on Google Play). You can then manage your folders to your heart's content.


              As I've mentioned in my other post, just having the proper USB OTG cable connected to your tablet should allow you to connect your camera and transfer photos (at least I can on my Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi model using Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) and the official USB OTG connection cable).