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    Loader not triggering events

    B4stien Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      I am not sure this is the right forum to post in. I am developing an inDesign extension in actionscript and I've drawing my own components which are supposed to retrieve an JPG image from the web and display it within the extension interface. I tried to use the Loader class to retrieve the image but none of the events are fired. Alternatively I tried using URLLoader, which does trigger events, but returns a ByteArray that I have to convert back to BitmapData. So I'm back to my original issue, my code in the "complete" event handler is never executed. Note that I tried to trigger "init", "progress", and "security error" as well, none of them are triggered. My code looks something like that:


      public class LayoutTileRenderer extends VBox


         private var coverBitmapData:BitmapData;



         public function loadImage(imageByteArray:ByteArray):void{ 

              var bitmapLoader:Loader = new Loader();

              coverBitmapData = new BitmapData(84, 118, true);

              bitmapLoader.addEventListener(flash.events.Event.COMPLETE, function(e:flash.events.Event):void {

                   trace("Loaded completed");


                   // then draw the bitmap






         override protected function commitProperties():void{


              ... // retrieve imageByteArray via URLLoader





      Does anyone have a clue why the events are not triggered. And otherwise has a better way of converting the bytes I get in my URLLoader to BitmapData for display?


      Thanks in advance for your help.