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    Convert font / shape from photoshop into clean vector


      Hey guys


      So I have an ongoing problem. I try and try to get my head around how vector points work... within Illustrator and within the pen tool in Photoshop and just cannot get to grips with it. So when i create a logo I tend to start my work in photoshop where generally i will end up with a font and a shape.


      Now i understand the basics, such as not resizing the shapes / fonts if they are rasterized etc and generally keeping things crisp looking within photoshop but my problem comes when trying to turn my reletivly simple font and shape into a vector based image so that it can be scaled up and down


      My logos look immaculate when viewed at 100% in photoshop, but as soon as i create a work path from the selection it never makes a crisp path, with all the correct curves and straight edges that i expect to see.


      Up till now, i always assumed it was just the original fonts that i use and they just arent created completly smooth. But now my work path is really wonky. Whether i use a tolerence of 0.5 or not.. it just doesnt hug my lettering at all. The marching ants i see are even better placed than the work path.


      So i guess in summary i would like to know if the above is an issue i can work around? or a good method of creating smooth, crisp vectors from fonts / shapes preferably within photoshop... but i dont mind if illustrator is needed at the end for brief usage.




      Ps. I use CS6