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    Can I programmatically import a FrameMaker book into a project?


      TCS 4 (FM11/RH 10)


      I'm new to RoboHelp and I'm trying to determine the feasibility of automating the project creation and conversion tasks via RH ExtendScript and command line options. Specifically, I want to:


      1. Open a project
      2. Import isf settings
      3. Import (or link) a FrameMaker book file
      4. Generate WebHelp output based on that book file
      5. Save the project based on book file name
      6. Close the project


      I have some of these tasks working now via an external .bat file that I call from the command line, but the ExtendScript documentation is very short on real world samples. Does anyone have any specific examples or code samples that accomplish these tasks (particularly the import or linking of FrameMaker book files with the importFrameMakerDoc method)?


      Thanks for your time.