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    Project build path, linked resources error: "1046: Type was not found or was not a compile-time cons

    JoseAjáAjá Level 1

      Hi everybody.


      This might seem as a dumb question...


      This is the first time I'm using the "Properties -> Flex Build Path -> Source path" capability in a project.


      1. I have a working web (FP) project with no errors (and a couple of CSS warnings). Let's call it "FirstProject".
      2. FirstProject contains a src folder with many subfolders. It also contains an assets, a locale and a styles folders.
      3. I create a second web project (i.e. of the same type of project of "FirstProject"). Let's call it "SecondProject"
      4. I set the "Properties -> Flex Build Path -> Source path" to "${DOCUMENTS}\FirstProject" folder.
      5. I can properly see the "[source path] FirstProject" folder within my "SecondProject".
      6. If I open the "SecondProject.mxml" and use the code assistant while typing "<" and starting to type the name of a component to add it, the assistant properly identifies the component, adds the namespace as an attribute to the application and I can add this component.
      7. But, many of my custom components that sit within that first component added to the application, as well as custom classes written in ActionScript are not identified and errors shows up in the "Problems" window of Flash Builer at complie time. This errors state:

        "1046: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant..."

        As if these classes didn't exist or were badly referenced.

      I guess that it has to do with the paths, or something. But I'm confused. Shouldn't this work out of the box? How do I fix this?


      I tried following the instructions in http://adobe.ly/OGMURa for Flash Builder 4.6. But it didn't work.


      Thank you.