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    Selecting all items in Project manager

    zeddgara Level 1

      Using Robohelp HTML 9.


      My main problem is getting the TOC to alphabetize. I have searched and read the two topics on this but the solution doesn't work for me.


      The solution was to alpha the PM list, then delete the current TOC topics and drag and drop the newly alphabetized PM topics over to the TOC, but I can only drag one topic at a time from PM and move it over to the TOC pane and drop it? Surely there must be a way to grab them all and drag and drop?


      Then I thought maybe I need to do it from the TOC folder in Project Manager? But when I open the TOC folder under PM it just shows me the name of my help file rather then a list of TOC topics.


      So I'm stumped, this is a new product for me and my self learning is not very far along but I'm trying!


      Thank you! Below I have posted a screen shot of what I am trying to do. Ahd below that the TOC folder under PM just shows me the filename?