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    Issues with CS6. Signing in, Rendering, Disk Cache, No response from Bug Report.

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      I submitted these issues some time ago to ae bugs <aebugs@adobe.com> and did not hear back. I am a long time AE user and usually have a good Adobe experience, but CS6 does not work smoothly for me, and I have not found much help with my issues including emailing support and posting to the site. I find the current website not very effective for tech support.


      - Every time I open CS6 it asks me if I want to continue the Trial and I have to go through the steps to sign in. This is frustrating since I have paid for Creative Cloud and this slows me down.

      - In several projects I have had to turn off "Enable Disk Caching" or it renders text in the upper left corner, no matter where it is actually placed.

      - General slowness, especially using Trapcode Form 2.0. In those cases the playback head in the timeline will not update for many seconds. Also, dragging keyframes around gets very exaggerated. If I drag a keyframe a few frames it will move way off the timeline.

      - 3D text layer render times are so long as to be unusable. (I realize this could be related to my system, but still very disappointing for a Quad Core machine).


      (I have an Nvidia GTE 120 graphics card. 2.93 Quad Core, AE CS, OS 10.6.8)


      Any help/suggestions appreciated...