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    Requested After Effects tutorial


      Hey! This will be my first thread ever on this site, and I just wish to say that After Effects been a great product and I now wish to learn more into it, other than just buying templates or what ever.


      I am asking for some help on how to do the following effects you see in the very beginning of the file on this page:

      http://videohive.net/item/professional-portfolio/126758?ref=vhreferral&ref=vhreferral&clic kthrough_id=82502642&redirect_back=true (click "Video Preview")


      The text gently falls into place and starts building up the intro. This is what I want


      If you know of any video/text tutorials that can help me make something like that, that'd be very appruchiated! (Or if you simply wanna tell me on this thread how to)


      - Thanks alot!