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    Callung up Videos through Javascript shortcut

      I have been using a picture that I hyperlink to a javascript shortcut. The shortcut is "JavaScript:Shortcut.Click()"

      Next this I am installing invisible designtime control shortcuts that link to the help folder that contains the videos. I tried to put multiple of these into a chapter, each calling out different videos. I went into the True Code to be sure that each one of these shortcuts called out the correct video name. But now when I click on the different pictures they all call up the same video (the first one in the chapter). I double-checked the true code and the videos are all namec correctly in there.

      How can I fix this? I will be calling up hundreds of videos.
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          Brook21679 Level 1
          Sorry for the typos above. My first thought to what may fix this problem is that maybe I need to somehow change the "JavaScript:Shortcut.Click()" and number them somehow?

          Also, when I use the same "JavaScript:Shortcut.Click()" in separate chapters it does call up the correct video. But each chapter that has multiple shortcuts always calls up the first video every time, regardless of what is in the true code for the designtime control shortcut name.
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            RoboWizard Level 4
            Hi Brook21679

            If you are using multiple Shortcut controls on a single page, you need to be aware that they are all named differently. Naturally, the first one is named Shortcut. But the second is normally named OBJECT1 or object1 depending on how it was inserted. If it was inserted via the menu, it is named OBJECT1. If it was copied and pasted, it is object1. The third is typically object2 (or OBJECT2) and so on. So your second (and subsequent) JavaScript links should be named accordingly.

            JavaScript:object1.Click(); or JavaScript:OBJECT1.Click(); or JavaScript:object2.Click();

            You should hover the control on the page and the name should display in a tooltip.

            Cheers... Rick