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    Need Anchor Link to an Image




      Iam using Firworks MX 2004 v7.0 (Build 288)


      I have 4 images, I wanna keep anchor link for each of those images.. How can I achieve this..?


      and Iam not aware of hotspots or slices .... iam new to this fireworks..



      pls dont ask me to update fireworks, i wll do that later..



      PLease help me out this..


      Hope to get soln asap!




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          abc3495 Level 1

          Any reply pls..?

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            groove25 Level 4

            From your question, it's unclear whether the images are intended to serve as links or as anchors. In either case, it's unlikely that this is possible to accomplish in Fireworks MX2004. Your best bet therefore might be to do a bit of hand-coding in Dreamweaver, or a text editor.


            If the images are to serve as links, then you'd wrap each <img> tag with an <a> tag, with its href attribute containing the anchor name plus a pound (#) sign, like this:


            <a href="#nancy"><img src="img/myBigSister.jpg" /></a>

            <a href="#joey"><img src="img/myBigBrother.jpg" /></a>

            <a href="#bobby"><img src="img/myLittleBrother.jpg" /></a>


            Then you'd add id attributes to the elements on the page to which you want the images to link—a paragraph or a <div>, for example. These id attributes will serve as the anchors. Like this:


            <p id="nancy">My sister Nancy is a sweet lady... </p>

            <p id="joey">According to my mom, Joey was always a problem child... </p>

            <p id="bobby">If you meet my little brother Bobby on the street...</p>


            And that's it. If I've misunderstood, and the images are to serve as the anchors (not the links), then simply reverse these instructions: Add id's to the <img> tags and surround the appropriate page elements with the corresponding <a> tags.


            Here's another post on this general topic: http://forums.adobe.com/message/2305130

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              abc3495 Level 1

              Hey thans for your quick reply..


              I have a BIG Image, in which I have some number of Images (say 5)..  I shall have to keep an external links to each of those Images in fireworks....


              I also tried exported html from fireworks and then how to create an link to each of Images in Dreamweaver...?


              Hope my query is very cleared..



              Please help me out this...