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    Premiere Pro CS6 crashing on daily basis


      Hello. The company I work for purchased Premiere Pro CS6 recently due to Apples direction for Final Cut.


      We have been editing a full length motion picture and being able to edit in native RED has been great. However we have been experiencing one to two or more complete crashes a day with Premier to the chagrin of our editor. I know full RED support is fairly new, but this is getting more and more frustrating as the days go by.


      We are running it on an iMac. OS 10.7.4,  i7 processor, and 8GB of RAM.  The footage is being edited from an external G-RAID hard drive via firewire 800.

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          lasvideo Level 4

          I dont think Fireware 800 is fast enough IO for editing Red. You also seem a bit low on ram.


          Standard procedures for crashing is to do the following before booting up PrP.


          1. Trash Preferences

          2. Repair Permissions

          3. Delete Preview files and Data cache

          4. Make sure your graphics card drivers are up to date.


          I strongly suggest you get this book to assist in your transition from FCP. PrP functions differently then FCP and this knowledge will save you a lot of headaches and heartaches 



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            unklejman Level 1

            The hard drive issue may not be immediatly solvable. If I am right, the iMac only has one internal HD slot, and only firewire and usb2.0 ports. We would have to switch computers.


            I'll get the editor to give the rest a shot and see if things improve.


            I actually learned on Premiere back at the beginning of the century and have been using it off and on, so I've been able to assist at times.

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              Glitchdog Level 1

              We've been editing on 5.5 with no issues. Have read a lot about the serious error issues/crashes in CS6 Premiere on Mac, but finally decided we needed to edit a real project to see for ourselves. All was going well, even though CS6 was not scrubbing well on the timeline compared to the same footage on the same Mac in CS5.5, then this morning just opening the project I received the serious error message and crash. Only crashed Premiere and TextEdit thankfully. Have just updated to 6.0.2 and CUDA 5.0.24 and we will see how it goes. We're currently testing CS6 on our mobile edit system (MacBook Pro, 17", 4 core i7, 16 gig ram, 4 drive eSATA RAID... we editing HDV, AVCHD in two forms from Canon 5d & Panasonic camcorder, so not as hefty as your Red)


              Thanks lasvideo for the tip on trashing prefs, etc. Have never seen it nicely laid out in one post.

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                lasvideo Level 4

                Your welcome Glitchdog!

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                  JesseSchluntz Level 1

                  I too am experiencing serious crash woes on Premeire CS6 (.0.2). I'm working on a solid Mac Pro with a crazy fast raid setup, and Ive sunk money into extra ram and a Quadro 4000 GFX card, which has helped a few things, but overall I'm so bummed on the constant errors that hold up my day...


                  1- Projects that worked the day before suddenly "encountering an error forcing Premiere to close" (politically correct way of saying "your app is crashing so save if you can jerky"). I have to save a new version of my project in another location every day at this point, which screws with my backup system.


                  2- Projects that crash  when I click on a Multicam sequence.


                  This week Media Encoder crashes every time I try to render something more than a few minutes long in the background while working in Premiere.


                  Rarely do I have a bug free day on new setup. I'm gonna puke if I have to trash prefs & repair disk permissions again. On that note, get preference manager if you don't have it already. It's a lifesaver for this kind of crap.


                  This is all Apple's fault. If Final Cut X had never been released, I'd be half way done with this doco edit by now. Premiere is such a nice app in theory, but falls so short in action...


                  Any advice besides "trash prefs, repair permissions" much appreciated

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                    lasvideo Level 4

                    When I upgraded to 6.02 I had media missing in good sequences. I  created a New Sequence that matched the old ones setting. Then copy and pasted the old timeline into the new timeline. Then it played just fine with all the media intact.


                    Check to make sure your Quadro 4000 drivers are up to date since there have been some reported issues with that as well.  Good luck!

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                      Here's a solution that worked for me on my imac (2.7GHZ intel core i5, 16gb 1333mhz ram, sys 10.8.3 premiere CS6.0.0) http://www.zakhammond.com/resolve-constant-crashing-of-premiere-pro-cs6/#comment-4


                      I disabled the the mercury playback engine GPU etc. under projects>preoject settings>general. I will be attempting the NVIDIA update and other steps that the above link recommends, but simply moving to the "software only" setting on the video driver is working well at present. no crashes.