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    Dimensions of Group


      I have hundred something page product catalog that I need to figure out how much space each product grouping is taking up. In an ideal world I would love to tag or label groups with a unique id and then collect all of the groups dimensions into a text file. Does anyone know of a script or plug in that could handle something similar to this?


      I attached an image of what a typical page would look like. The blue would an example of groups that belong together as well as the yellow.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am completely lost.


      I am running CS4



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          -hans- Level 4



          you could label the groups or frames which are equal.

          You may get them by background color as it seems ...


          No cms, no ad management¿ Infos like these should be part of the database.


          Hans-Gerd Claßen

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            Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Hm, I don't know if labeling the "Group" object is the right strategy. Maybe the group will be un-grouped in the course of the workflow and then you are loosing the "label" (whatever that will be).


            Instead, you could look into every group on a page and get every rectangle, get  the geometric bounds of the ones with a specific color and do the math…


            Without having more information of the workflow process and the exact structure of the InDesign document it's hard to tell what strategy is best for your purpose…