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    loop summary


      Hi - I'm new to all of this and I have a time sheet that is giving me a headache! Windows 7, Adobe LiveCycle Designer 8. 


      The Code list has 4 variables W,V,S,H   based on what is selected in the Code column (drop down) the hours worked total for each line, then summarize for each of the 4.  there are 10 lines and I can only get the first to work with the above.  I need it to loop to the other 9.  


      This works on line 1:

      if (Wk1Code1[*].rawValue eq "S")

      then Wk1T1[*]

      elseif (Wk1Code1[*].rawValue ne "S")

      then 0 endif.


      I realize I need a loop - but have been unsuccessful. 


      All suggestions are welcome!  Or if you know of more instructions that the basic Adobe documents.